The Language of Light-BLUE LL19-4, 80x80cm, acrylic on canvas, 2019

My philosophy of the arts


I look at the world through my thought, not through eyes. The eye can see the appearance of the thing, but the thought sees the existence of the thing. I communicate with the world through my work, not the language. My work is my language and the house of thought that poured out the philosophy of my life. So I am in silent. Only when I overwhelmed beyond solitude I can meet with myself.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2019 Takyoung Jung

Artist's Statement

The theme of the work to be exhibited at the invitational exhibition of the Donhwamun Gallery  Seoul is « The Language of Light"” In the last 30 years, since it has consistently been consisted of subjects such as “The Admiration of Life”, “Light and Life”, <The Language of Light> can reveal the existence of all objects through light, Is the expression of the ontological phenomenon in a pictorial form that each of them has their own life and takes their own way of existence. Only through the light can life be maintained and reveal the unique form and color of all things. Light is life and a catalyst for revealing the properties of things. Every light has its own language. By reading of the language of light visually, it is possible to communicate with things. The relationship between objects and objects that reveal their shape by light is like the order of the universe. The way of existence of all objects occupies the space in the same way as the order of the universe. By juxtaposing the existence and shape of each object visually on the same screen, we reveal a new world constructed by objects It is my expression of formative art that I want to inspect the existence and energy of light through the eyes looking at this new world and expose it. Light has languages.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Takyoung Jung, Feburary 2019


Invitational exhibition

The Language of Light- BLUE

Takyoung JUNG

<Donhwamun Gallery, Seoul June 12 to 24  2019>


Artist's Statement

My goal in the essence of art is that art should not be the pleasure of the eye but the touching the hearts and mind. The pleasures of the eye may be possible through other media, but it is not easy to feel the resonance of the heart through art. Art should not be limited to visual amusement, but it must be transmitted to the heart to stimulate emotion and have the power to make a change in life through the awareness caused by the stimulus of feelings. Art should be able to discover and reinterpret on subtle phenomena and existent ways that people cannot see.

I look at the world and things through the speculations, not through the eyes. The eye sees the appearance of the object, but the reason can see the existence of the thing. The ultimate in my artistic expression is to communicate with the world through my work, not the language.

My work world is my own language and the "house of thought" that poured out my philosophy of life. In the house of thought, the innumerable experiences that I have confronted in my life and the realizations of the enlightened truth are connected together. It was not learned or gained from others, but rather the precious truths I had learned from my own precious experiences I encountered in my own life, and all experiences were learned from myriad trials and errors, that's it all.

I think about the relationship between art, the public, artists and society. The act of art may be a hobby or become a professional who saves his skills. It is essentially an artistic activity as a hobby and an expert as it is. In other words, it depends on whether the work is made public or private, and the value and evaluation of the work as a public good are different. The choice to enter the artist 's path is free, but from the moment the artwork is first opened to the public while doing the artistic activity, the artist must be responsible for the wave and impact on society. The public is directly or indirectly influenced by whether it is an aesthetic tendency, a reality, a social critique, or an intuitive expression that penetrates the reality and the future, thereby giving a wave to the culture formation of the group. It is the vocation of an artist and his duty as an artist on society.

I express 'the language of light'. Each object has its own unique color, but if there is no light, the unique color of the object is also absent. Everything reaches a state of darkness, and the intrinsic color of things are lost. Light has physical properties such as straightness, reflection and transmission, refraction, interference, and diffraction, particles, waves, and energy. In my work, light is expressed as a visual symbol and a simplified symbol as visual physical phenomena and invisible emotional imagination and insights into things. The specific description of the object is excluded, and the symbolism and the visual sensitivity of the thing are represented by a combination of coloring materials. The visual phenomenon of objects begins with the combination of a myriad of pixels. Expanding the union of a myriad of Pixels is abstract, and it becomes true if you reduce it. Therefore, I borrow one part of a pixel and simplify it and symbolize to form on the canvas. This is my pictorial methodology of finding the language of light on the phenomenon and the way in which all things exist in the universe.

By doing so, objects are represented with their own unique colors and extremely simplified shapes and codes, and these elements are combined with each other on one space of the painting to acquire vitality as a painting.

In conclusion, all objects are named by the language of light, and when they are expressed on the canvas with the elements of symbolic color and shape, they are again spoken in the language of painting, and by the energy emitted by the language of light, It will survive eternally.



                                                                                                                                                                                          June 2019 Takyoung Jung


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